Accounts and permissions

  • You can request your account using request account wizard. You will need your contract number and email address. In case the identification is not successful, you can contact our sales department by e-mail at vnet@vnet.eu or by phone at 0800 24 24 24.

  • You can change your password by clicking on your username in right upper corner and then clicking on My profile. There you will find a Change password link.

  • Yes, every person we register for your contract in our internal system can have an assigned account. Each person has it`s own login and password. You can manage these accounts in Manage persons.

  • Yes, it is possible after logging into account in Manage persons. In this section you have an overview of all persons who have access to the account. After clicking on „Edit account“ you can change the settings for that person. You can set whether we should send notifications to the selected e-mail contact and you can also manage the access rights.

  • An authorization PIN code is a automatically generated special number for each customer, which we send via SMS after installing the services. It serves to authenticate the customer when reporting such request thaht could change or affect the service, after the case when sending and changing personal data or invoices. It serves as a security element in commom communication.

  • Yes, you can change your authorization PIN code in the VNET Client Zone. After logging into your account, go to the My profile and after entering the desired PIN code, confirm it with the „Save“ button.

  • Authorized message is for effective communication between VNET and our customers. Before sending, you can choose type of request and confirm your contract number to which you are directing your request. Your request is authenticated through authorized message. This means that it fully replaces identification with authorized PIN code, which you can read about in two previous questions. Thanks to this advantage, this method of communication is safe, fast and addressable, as it goes directly to the competent department that will deal with your request.

  • Yes, after logging into your account, you need go to the Invoices, where you can find list of all issued invoices. You can pay invoices directly in the VNET client zone, download them in PDF format and check their status.

  • The basic conditions for setting up a standing order are a fixed monthly service fee and assigned variable symbol. Since this is an intervention in invoices, we need to have your request authorized. The first options is to log in to the VNET Client zone and write authorized message. The second option is to contact us by e-mail at financie@vnet.eu or by phone at 0800 24 24 24, where our staff will help you set up the variable symbol. In this case, you will also need an authorization PIN code.

  • Yes, you can easily set up direct debit from the comfort of your home without visiting the bank after logging in to the VNET Client zone. Instructions for setting up direct debit can be found in the „Instruction“ section or at www.vnet.sk/inkaso. If you don't see the „Direct debit“ option in the menu on the left, you need to log in to the VNET Client zone with an account that has administrative rights (statutory representative, administrator of accounts and authorized persons).

  • In this section, you can easily check the status of our systems in case you have registered a failure of your service. In the section you will find the status of availability of data centers and the status of hosting services.

  • Yes, through your profile you can search for service protocols and techsupport requests that we have recorded throughout the history of your active service. Just search for and open the contract whose details you want to see in the „Contract“ section. After opening the detail, at the top there are options to View service protocols and View techsupport requests.

Services usage information

  • In the menu, choose Contracts and select your VoIP contract. In the top part you should see a View call list link.

  • In the menu, choose Contracts and select your serverhousing contract. You can see your total traffic statistics lower on the page. In the top part you should also see a View traffic statistics by IP address link.

Cloud services

  • To make the most of the CloudPRO platform, we have prepared documentation for the service available after logging into the CloudPRO control interface. Click on your login in the top right corner and select the "Help" option. The documentation is also accessible at https://docs.mycloud.vnet.sk/. Use your CloudPRO login credentials to access the documentation.